The latest and greatest #travel-trends of 2017

The latest and greatest travel-trends of 2017

When someone mentions travel trends, it’s easy to think “Trends? Don’t people just go where they feel like going at that moment?” Well, actually that isn’t necessarily the way people operate. You see there are so many factors that influence people’s travel plans and of course which destinations they decide to travel to. Like different economies, political stability, finances, Global Warming and cultural variety – and more!


Why everyone SHOULD go on vacation

Whenever we are considering doing something in our lives, changing jobs, taking up a certain hobby starting a diet, the first thing we tend to do is research why that particular aspiration is good for us – how it will benefit us or improve our lives.

Well, if that’s what is needed to convince us to go on some annual vacations, then look no further! We had a look at what the benefits are from taking vacations at least once a year, and this is what we found:


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LPA Frequently Asked Questions

shutterstock_278642699 We want to make your LPA journey as easy and enjoyable as possible! Do you have questions that you would like to ask, or little things you’ve wondered about along your LPA way? Our online platform is kitted out for exactly that and you can browse frequently asked questions and their answers, or initiate an online chat with one of our Awesome Experts. To give you an idea of the kind of info available on the website, here are some of the top frequently asked questions and their answers:


The LPA Guide – May 2016

With every new product or service, we generally want to know what the important elements are and how to get the most out of our new and exciting acquisition, right? This article will provide you, the LPA member, whether you are a newcomer or have been an LPA member for a while, with everything you need to know about making the most of your LPA product and a few important things to note.

This edition is guaranteed to get you all set and excited for your LPA adventure!

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The Beauty of Travel Blogs

What is the first thing you do when you start planning your holiday? Research, of course. You either scour the internet, read copious amounts of magazines and books, or even ask family members, friends and colleagues about the area.

A simple and very convenient method of research is reading travel and lifestyle blogs. By doing so you can gain insight on other people’s first-hand experiences of towns, areas and even specific accommodation. This also eliminates the tediousness from planning a holiday, as a personally written blog adds personal touch to the whole affair. Whether you’re looking to travel abroad, or prefer travelling locally and exploring the treasures of our beautiful country, try these blogs:


Featured Resort – Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge a breathtakingly beautiful self-catering resort situated in the picturesque countryside of Mpumalanga. With beautiful gardens, exquisite natural scenery of spectacular cliffs, gorges and forests, Crystal Springs truly has it all.

For those looking to enjoy a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a relaxing trip all on your own, Crystal Springs is the perfect destination. With countless onsite facilities such as tennis courts, mini golf, numerous swimming pools, a sap, fantastic restaurant, game drives, hikes and much more, guests find themselves having a fantastic holiday without having to even leave the resort.But for those who love to travel out,

The new Crystal Springs

Greetings and salutations

Being the latest LPA acquisition I could not wait to pack my overnight bag and visit the famous Crystal Springs located only 12 km south east of the historical little town of Pilgrim’s Rest.

Having travelled along the winding road to the top of Robber’s Pass my expectations were exceeded on arrival. The gardens are green and lush and the hospitality of the front desk staff refreshing. I had made my reservation for February, being the hottest month in South Africa but what I found interesting is that when I received my documentation back from the receptionist there were vouchers included for fire wood.

To pack or not to pack.

Greetings and salutations

To pack or not to pack. That was my dilemma.

For those of us who travel often we have a fairly good idea of what paraphernalia should be included in our baggage. There are, however times that we should consider our destination’s contribution to our comforts and being part of the leisure industry to boot, I was left dumbfounded as to my daftness.

This saga involves the business trip to Mpumalanga that our department went on and this particular story took place at the picturesque Sudwala Lodge. The small group included mostly ladies and only Frankie was bright enough to pack a hair-dryer. She went on an early morning jog in the misty tropics while I had a lengthy and soothing shower. My hair was washed and conditioned; squeaky clean, silky soft but wet.

Change is as good as a holiday?

Following our breath taking NEW website we decided change truly is as good as a holiday in our case.  But creating something new requires leaving the old behind and delving into the unknown. That brings us to the controversial word CHANGE.

Change is inevitable, especially in the business environment, keeping up with the latest trends and staying competitive in an ever changing environment requires risk taking.

That said, if you thought CHANGE is scary in your work environment even more so in our personal lives.  CHANGE comes at us from every angle, are you ready to embrace it?  The good news is that, no matter how daunting, CHANGE is very positive, it propels us to grow in all areas of our lives and gets us out of that comfort zone.